An alphabet soup of mental challenges floating around the internet.

Hello, I'm Marenzers! It's nice to meet you.
I am 34 years old and living in the United States.
Life is a fascinating mystery to me and I love learning how other people experience it. I hope to help people along my way as I continue to grow.A number of things shape my experience, such as plurality, being non-binary, ADHD, DPDR and autismI grieve heavily for our troubled world and worry a lot about what's coming. I dream of a Solarpunk future.

I express myself with writing, sharing stories and simple crafts like crochet, painting and weaving.I often love video games that teach skills or are centered around a story or experience, but I haven't played as much lately as I'm often in VRChat having the wildest talks with people.Recently, I've been learning a lot about mental health and trauma recovery. Along the way, I'm picking up experiences of people both similar and different from me.Our short time together leaves me starstruck.

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Oxygen Not IncludedFaster Than Light OSTSteven Universe
I was a Teenage ExocolonistAtlasDoctor Who
Outer WildsPyrokidCommunity
Night in the WoodsThe Age of PleasureShe-Ra
A Hat in TimeSeekerScrubs

I have an experience of having more than one self due to childhood trauma and neglect.
This is mostly invisible to other people as we have all agreed to live cooperatively and peacefully.
My headmates are Mira, Mari, Nara, Jade and two others who prefer privacy. Everyone has an illustration that they liked pictured here. Obviously, this isn't what any of us look like, but it's fun to imagine!If you hang around us, you'll learn how we each think, perceive the world, and interact with others. Mira is often a loving little gremlin. Mari is an analytical logician. Nara is a universal caregiver and Jade is an imaginative wanderer.Contrary to popular belief, this does not pose a danger to myself or others. In fact, it may be more common than you think. It's as common as having red hair. You might know someone with it already.

Projects are coming soon!